Digital Transformer

Traveler and creative, coffee lover.



Able to transform global and local operation systems and IT business profitability and productivity


Skilled in digital transformation in finance industry on global level with specific experience on Asian and European market


Adept at creating strategic organizations by leveraging different local, regional and global strategies


Proficient in leading and working with diverse teams to master local and global digital transformation initiatives


Practiced in managing departmental and virtual P&L up to EUR 40mn for more than 30 digital projects across industries


Experienced in utilizing scalable digital platforms to meet customer needs before, during and after sales

About Me

Hello! I’m Tom Abraham, an individual with a passion for digital – everything digitally available makes me happy.

As a child, I started to use Commodore computer and besides continuing my way using Atari, Amiga and Macintosh I was trying all possibilities until the current state of the smartphone age.  All of this experience let me understand what is working behind all the user interfaces today.

When I’m not brainstorming ideas for better processes for my websites, you’ll find me reading or researching about my latest obsession of digital automation which keeps the human touch. During the process of setting up such automation tests I believe in done over perfect and never eat an elephant one bite at a time.

If you ask me, the transformative power of technology and user-centricity allows us to have a better life. A better life and better relationships come from collaboration. I’m excited to start the dialogue with you.



Banking - 9 Years

Technology - 7 Years

Insurance - 3 Years

Tourism - 3 Years

Working Fields

IT - 7 Years

Operations - 6 Years

Sales - 6 Years

Market Management - 3 Years


  • 2020 -


    World Travel Index

    In the set-up of this company, I set the focus on travel advisory and automation. The core of this platform is the first world-wide meta-level travel ranking. All countries, cities and islands worldwide ranked are based on multiple sources and hence million data points. Different categories like costs, safety, freedom of travel, infrastructure and many more help travelers to find their preferred destination. All data shown is independent and neither sponsored nor influenced by relationships to countries, cities or islands. It is so far the biggest aggregated source for country, city and island data in a user-friendly format made available free of charge.

  • 2019 -



    For Discovernauts I have set-up booking platform covering all needs from flights, hotels, cruises, rental cars as well as organised holidays, day tours and insurance packages with global partners like and Expedia. In addition, I have launched in partnership with Amazon the first shop that features the lightest travel products in most demanded categories. Besides that, the creation of a personal blog with travel tips and routes as well as social channel engagement complements the full offer. The whole eco-system functions as a one-stop solution for travelers.

  • 2017 - 2018

    Executive Customer Platforms

    Allianz Technology SE

    In this executive role I’ve led a partial program for the development and roll-out of a new global web platform for the entire Allianz Group. Important part was to understand the needs of the users at the one hand and the Allianz entities at the other hand. Systematically stocktaking functional requirements and harmonizing them helped to facilitate this organizational and technological change. The rollout of the new web platform has started successful and is now being implemented worldwide. It allows now improved user experience and latest technology for each operating entity.

  • 2016

    Head of Business Transformation

    Allianz Technology Thailand

    During this one-year assignment, I supported the transformation of an offshore center in Thailand to a global and one-stop delivery center. In this time, I could influence the direction of the Thailand entity positively by being active in the Senior Management team. By introduction of IT and project standards as well as developing skills and procedures, the transformation is a sustainable success. A significant number of complex IT and project tasks are nowadays transferred from high-cost countries of operating Allianz entities to the technology company of Thailand.

  • 2015

    Head of Web and Mobile Applications

    Allianz Technology SE

    With this new department, I have introduced reusable technical assets into Allianz Group. The achievements ranged across the introduction of a global mobile platform, reusable application design as well as fully reusable B2B2C insurance platforms for the world’s leading automotive companies. Strategic global application development patterns as well as software procurement standards have been introduced to ensure sustainability. My concept was the foundation of today’s successful Allianz Global Digital Factory, that focuses on reusable online customer journeys.

  • 2012 - 2014

    Business Transformation - Digital Interaction

    Allianz Technology SE

    Being focused on Business Transformation I was responsible for the development and enhancement of the global web platform of Allianz for the frontend part. While continuously improving the platform I rolled out several international projects. A special success and focus was the implementation of direct business web platforms for B2C and B2B2C. In addition, I enhanced the web platform with integrated web analytics tools and SEO capabilities. To increase customer satisfaction of the global web platform I set-up a service portal with tutorials, descriptions and FAQ.

  • 2011

    Senior Consultant - Global interaction platform

    Allianz SE

    As part of this one-year assignment in the Global Brand Management I prepared the development of a global web platform. To reach this goal I identified user stories and aligned them with all worldwide stakeholders. Following this, I managed the global RFI, RFP and pitch to select the lead digital agency supporting this development. To exceed user expectations I led a worldwide usability lab study leading to 54% preference of the prototype against the legacy websites. Finally, Allianz was the first Fortune 500 company to introduce responsive web design on their websites in 2011.

  • 2009 - 2010

    Senior Consultant – Business Development

    Allianz Deutschland AG

    Within these two years I advised bank companies owned by Allianz on their business strategy based on the KPI analysis of products, customer base and their P&L. To ease up this process I have designed and implemented a 360 degree monitoring and dashboards enabling sustainably strategy decisions. To learn and to collaborate more I founded and moderated the community for sharing best-practices across all European banks owned by Allianz. On the end of my role I developed a uniform online strategy for all entities to be fit for the future of online customer needs.

  • 2006 - 2008

    Project Manager – Online Products and Platform

    Dresdner Bank AG

    For setting up a completely new online bank, I supported the design and implementation of a new online brand and banking products. The main strategy I followed was to cannibalize yourself before others do because online banking products had less revenue than products in branches. In the time after the launch I could manage with analysis and change requests on user experience increase of sales conversion from 1% to 5%. The break-even for the new online bank was reached after 1 year. Moreover I managed that Dresdner Bank was the first bank to have a virtual branch in Second Life.

  • 2000 - 2005

    Financial Advisor - Private Clients

    Dresdner Bank AG

    In the beginning of my career, I was learning everything about direct customer contact: Understanding real customer needs, challenges in sales and service. I managed to be successful in selling bank accounts, funds, shares, insurances, loans and mortgages. What I liked most this time to learn about customer behavior and to support the customer with goal-oriented advice on his needs. While I was working, I started to study and focused on the topic of Mass Customization and standardization of financial products, which I could pass with high distinction.



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